I’m giving a free workshop in the Sacramento area on how to build your own "Figjam" 5 gal bucket swamp cooler for your tent (under 900 cu ft), and optionally add a solar battery charger. If you were at the April Sacramento Burner Meet-up, you probably saw one of these on display.

  • TO SECURE A SEAT IN THE WORKSHOP, YOU MUST SIGN UP VIA EMAIL (see below) AND PROVIDE A $15 DEPOSIT (deposit goes towards shared/bulk materials that are provided at the class

  • You are responsible for ordering most of your own parts from the internet and local hardware stores.

Approximate Costs:
* My design will cost ~ $150, which includes the $15 deposit, useful accessories & an 18Ah battery
* If you want to add a solar charger, add ~$150 for a 50 watt solution
* You can stray from my plans, based on your budget or design needs. (We can discuss this)
* I gift my time to the community, as does the facility. (The facility does graciously accept cash donations to cover utilities & insurance)

Important Thingies:
Sign up is first come first served at jellyburner@gmail.com

* Once I receive your email to join the class, I will provide a materials list and a PAYPAL account for the deposit. YOU ARE CONFIRMED IN THE CLASS AFTER YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM jellyburner@gmail.com!!

* Space is limited to the first 8 cooler projects!

* Class will be cancelled or rescheduled if less than 6 people sign up by April 30th

* You may bring a partner to share a project, or you can each make your own (Why make one, when you can make two for twice the price?)

* Not making a cooler? Feel free to come and observe or lend a helping hand! (we can use all the help from the community!)

* Lunch is NOT provided. I encourage everyone to bring beverages and a lunch to save on time

* Once you commit, start ordering your internet parts. Some items can take a few weeks!

* You may be working outside your comfort zone and playing with tools and materials that can hurt you badly, including:
--open flames, red hot metals, molten solder, sharp knifes & sheet metal, power tools that cut, dig & slice, fans that dice & slice body parts, ooey gooey silicone caulk, and low voltage electricity

• You can follow my design and parts specifications, or you can design your own. In the email, I will provide specifications and theory for those that want to stray from my design.

Deposit Refund Policy:
The group is depending upon a fixed number of projects to keep the shared material costs down for all. To be fair to all workshop attendees, I will provide refunds if:
The class is cancelled or date is changed
The class is full AND someone on the waiting list can take your spot

Contact me at jellyburner@gmail.com or message me via Facebook

Mark “Jelly” Mushkin


Fearless Leader:  Mark "Jelly" Mushkin
Cost:  $150 materials (+$150 for solar)
Location:  9910 Horn Rd, #1
Dates:  June 13th & 14th, 10am - 3pm

Contact:  jellyburner@gmail.com

2nd Annual Tent Bucket Swamp Cooler Workshop