How are you going to bring your team together? What do you do to inspire them?  Here you are looking for a great way to bring your team together.  What can you do to inspire people? You want to bring them together.  You want something fun and entertaining... you want something that challenges them... you want something that encourages them to work together and you want something that rewards them. For all of these things... you need B.O.P.!

B.O.P. is unique… It is a game that brings people back to their youth and lights up their eyes.  B.O.P. is a challenge that works much better when you bring people together and share the challenge/experience.   Put together a team and delegate someone to Flick, someone to Spin, someone to Pull, someone to Twist, and at least one person to B.O.P!  Keep going and when you are finally successful at B.O.P. you get fire!

B.O.P. is so successful with bringing people together that it really should stand for:  Bring On Productivity!

 The ways that Bob can be used to inspire your team are only limited by your creativity...  imagine...

  • "Pull"ing together resources to work together on the next project.
  • "Flick" away all negativity and obstacles.
  • Take a new "Twist" on what you have known in the past to find something new.
  • "Spin" up productivity and production with a positive outlook.

PSI Makers can come to your location for an extended lunch, for an afternoon event, or for an all day performance.  All you need to do to keep your projects and your organization moving forward is to book B.O.P. and book it soon!

PSI Makers can also provide professional human resource facilitators to assist. Just ask!

Corporate Team Building!

Rental Fees:

2 hour minimum

  • $250 per hour, staffed with one attendant.
  • $350 per hour with propane flame effects,

         staffed with one attendant and one
         fire safety coordinator

(Rental fee does not include permit fees.)

*Delivery within 20 miles of Rancho Cordova is free; after the first 20 miles a $3 per mile delivery fee applies.   

Schedual B.O.P. for your next event!

for your next event!