Felicia loves abstract, modern, and street art. She is inspired by patterns found in traditional cultural symbols and art from around the world, graffiti, stained glass windows, sand painting, and more. Current favorites are Day of the Dead, Chinese cut paper designs, African tribal masks, motifs from India, and sand painting in all forms (including Native American, Indigenous Australian, and Tibetan). Using bold colors, patterns, and textures, Felicia works primarily in what she refers to as "Kiln Formed Graffiti Glass" and mixed media. Tools are often found, recycled, or handmade and can range from a handmade Tibetan-inspired "chak-pur" to original stamps and stencils. Finished pieces, often containing 100 layers or more, are contemporary with an industrial edge.

Commissioned work includes both residential (to commemorate a local author’s book release) and commercial (including “Second Sight”) pieces.  Her work can be seen throughout the year at various art walk locations (in both Sacramento and Davis), and at events such as the Sacramento Arts Festival, held annually at the Sacramento Convention Center.  But when asked, she’ll tell you that her all-time favorite project was collaborating with a classroom of 5th graders (known as the “Tolerance Kids”) to help create an Anne Frank memorial ceramic tile mural for their school’s tolerance garden. 

Felicia lives with her husband, Ray Charles—a blind golden retriever, and her beloved pink scooter in Sacramento, California.


Since July 2013, Felicia has raised and/or donated well over $6,000 (her goal is $10,000) to benefit organizations such as RedRover (event held at the Adamson Art Gallery-Sacramento, CA), Pleasant Valley Grange, Strauss Festival of Elk Grove, The Yoga Seed Collective, Twin Rivers Unified School District's "Project DREAM," and many other school-based and district-wide programs in the greater Sacramento and surrounding areas.


  • A disposable apron will be provided.  However, it is recommended that you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little paint on (or wine).

  • Drinks/Food (Must be 21 to consume alcohol)

  • An open-mind and can do attitude.  Seriously, this is supposed to be fun.  Consider it one step above paint-by-number (and a lot of guidance and cheerleading along the way).  You totally got this!

On the night of the open art studio, you’ll bring any drinks/food (artists must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol), get a brief overview of the various art supplies available (you will be overwhelmed with options!), and then you’ll go to town experimenting and creating everything you can until you deplete your imagination or until your fingers fall off.  Your material fee will cover whatever you make.  (And you’ll have a goodie bag to take home with you too!)

Get to know the Artist:

Felicia Borges


Felicia Borges (rhymes with gorgeous) has been creative her entire life, but didn’t declare, “I am an artist!” until 2010.  She started with art journaling and quickly added mixed media to her title (so she can do whatever she wants!).  In 2013 she began playing with fused glass at a girlfriend’s house but quickly realized that she loved it so much she didn’t want to share (and so she invested in her own kiln). 

What the heck is gesso?  What do you use matte gel medium for?  What is the difference between heavy-body, fluid, high-flow, and acrylic inks?  What are spray inks? Alcohol inks?  Gelatos?  Pan pastels?  Can you use them all together?  Come to the Open Art Studio (where “There are no rules!”) and find out for yourself!


Fearless Leader:  Felicia Borges
Cost:  $49 plus $30 material fee
Location:  9910 Horn Rd, #1
Dates:  June 16th, 6-9pm

Contact:  (916) 505-9430 or feliciaborges@yahoo.com

Open Art Studio: There Are no Rules!