NOTE:   Drying time for these are 24-72 hrs so please note you won’t be able to take your piece with you that evening

 In this course you will learn:

  • How to properly mix resin

  • Estimating amounts to use

  • Health and safety issues

  • Getting rid of bubbles

  • Taping sides with 3M tape

  • Sanding and finishing - sanding for 2nd coat, waxing


Kristen Hoard’s journey with metal sculpture began in 1999 when a friend suggested that she take metal sculpture classes. Having always loved metal sculpture, she enrolled in her first class at The Crucible in Oakland, and has been hooked ever since. Kristen quickly discovered that using a forty foot extension cord to work on the patio of her Bay Area condo was not the most ideal metal sculpture studio setup; she soon migrated 120 miles northeast to Midtown Sacramento where she found a house with a two and a half car garage for her studio space.

Working in Sacramento for over fourteen years, Kristen has been building her talent and skill with metal sculpture. She regularly participates in art festivals throughout Northern California, including the Palo Alto Fine Art Festival and the Crocker Art Museum Holiday show. Kristen’s work is often featured at local galleries like the Kennedy Gallery, The Artisan Gallery, 2110 Gallery, and Patris S12.

Inspired by her trips to Burning Man, Kristen started exploring sculptures that incorporate fire, flames or LED lighting. She has also completed several large corporate sculpture pieces and public artwork that can be seen around the Bay Area and Sacramento. Kristen recently finished a large lotus flower firepit for Siegfried and Roy’s home in Las Vegas. This past year she has been taking ceramics and enamel classes and incorporating these new mediums into her sculptures.

What to Bring:  

  1. Grubby clothes!   Wear your studio clothes… stuff you don’t care about!

  2. Fun collage pieces… Items you might want to add to a collage (photos, charms, do-dads, pieces of ceramic, glass, metal, etc.

  3. A small piece you would like to resin (space is somewhat limited so we can’t have huge canvases)

  4. Collage items you would like to share with your fellow students.

  5. Your sense of fun and exploration!


Planned Projects:

In the first class, you will create an 8” x 8” Steampunk themed collage… there will be some pieces on hand for the collage and feel free to bring your own… or if you have your own collage idea bring it along with all the pieces.   You can resin anything… so let your imagine run wild!  In the second class, you can bring your own piece to resin or do another collage of your choice

In this class, you will learn aspects of working with 2 part epoxy resin called Envirotek Lite for larger pieces of art (this is NOT a jewelry resin course but some of the concepts may apply).  

What can you do with resin?  The possibilities are endless here are just a few:

  • Pour it over paintings to make the colors pop with brilliance and add depth to the piece

  • Create collages of photos and keepsakes

  • Add different elements, ceramics, metals, charms to a collage piece

  • Pour it into a framed box to create a collage of elements

  • Create a table top covered in resin and place items underneath the resin

Make your art POP with dimension by adding depth and a glass like finish using Resin.  Resin is a two-part epoxy that is equivalent to 50 coats of varnish!  The art of working with Resin is relatively easy but it’s good to be shown some of the tricks, tips and downfalls of working with it.  Once you have played around with resin it becomes addicting and soon you will be wanting to pour this stuff on everything!  Beware!

Instructor:  Kristen Hoard
Cost:  $95 plus $30 material fee
Location:  9910 Horn Rd, #1
Dates:  April 7th 6-9pm and April 14th 6-9pm

Contact:  916-548-9541

Resinate Your Art with Resin Basics