Retirement Events!

Perhaps it is a retirement from a career spanning decades or maybe it is just the ending of one era and the start of the next. Either way, it is time to celebrate the path that lies behind and the possibilities of the future. These moments are rare and special so what can you do to make the celebration just as amazing and special as the efforts leading up to it?

The special person that you are celebrating is moving on to something new and different and exciting.  What could represent the opportunity of the future?  Something new?  Something exciting?  B.O.P. is all of this and more. B.O.P. will give everyone a chance to try something different, to find what works for them, and get excited about possibilities even if that possibility is simply to make it past 5 points!

In many cultures fire symbolizes letting go of what has been, a purging, a cleansing in preparation for what is next. What better way to close a chapter, clear the slate, and purge the past for something new and with flame?!! Let the bold and daring step up to B.O.P. and show that they have what it takes to bring on the fire!

Especially popular for Public Safety retirement and events, Bob is the absolute best way to celebrate any transition whether it is a retirement, a graduation or any letting go!

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Rental Fees:

2 hour minimum

  • $250 per hour, staffed with one attendant.
  • $350 per hour with propane flame effects,

         staffed with one attendant and one
         fire safety coordinator

(Rental fee does not include permit fees.)

*Delivery within 20 miles of Rancho Cordova is free; after the first 20 miles a $3 per mile delivery fee applies.   

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